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FirstClass Roleplay
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

"Where Roleplay skills come to life."

About Us

Hello, and welcome to FirstClassRoleplay! This is a semi-serious RP server that allows you to play or act anything you want. Based in EvoCity, there are houses, shops, gas stations, and even office buildings you can purchase to expand what roleplay really is. You may enter the market that has everything you need, food, water, clothing, cars, weapons, and tons more!

We are hosted in Chicago with a 25 slot server, soon to be back at 65 slots. If you live in the U.S. you should have a good amount of connection and not lag, if you live in the middle east, there is a chance of a server being opened over there to allow better connection. We do plan on opening another server when a player base begins to grow. We hope everyone can find what they’re looking for, if not, ask a staff member on the forums, they always love to help. Keep in touch by creating an account and be kept up to date. Keep in mind there are a decent number of rules to read over before jumping in, we strongly recommended you read all of them and grasp an understanding.

Happy Roleplaying!


FC Staff team are trained players that will help you with the best of their ability. You can contact them by using @ sign in game, but please be informational. The team has been with us for a while and understands how the gamemode works, and what the rules are. We do have European and American staff members, that way there may always be someone online in each time zone to help, rule breaks will never succeed when staff member is online! Keep in mind you can help the team our yourself by summiting a player report, it will be looked at and decided within 72 hours. Thank you for taking interest in the team, we hope you enjoy!


The playerbase as in every community, starts off as small as can be, if you’re successful, it’ll grow. That’s what we want to happen here! Invite your friends to join you on FC. It will help a lot to make new roleplayers, turn into old schooler roleplayers that everyone will know around here. We may even have a prize to the person who brings in the most players!