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Clan Information - Rossi - 08-13-2016

Everything you need to know about the clan system
What can clans be used for?

Clans on FC can be used in many ways, such as a security clan, or a building team. Anyone that becomes the new owner of a clan, must pay 50k in-game cash to make it, once paid, you’ll have the option to create ranks and invite members. We want you to create your own experience of what you’d want to have, be creative and have a thought-out format to ensure your success.

Clan Format

This is the official format of how your clan should be set up upon creating it.
1.      Clan picture
2.      History (What the clan is about)
3.      What do you do?
4.      Divisions (Post pictures and explain what you do)
5.      Members
6.      Ranks of players
7.      Alliances (If any)
8.      Applications
9.      Closing message (Or image)
Official Clans: In order to become official, you need to have a good reputation and become a popular clan on FC
New clans will have no exceptions towards them, if you created a clan 2 days ago, there is nothing that is going to protect you from an older clan picky

Clan rules

Clans wars must include every member online, there will be 3 rounds, basic battle, finials, and championship. After the clan is defeated, the owner of the winning clan can choose to suspend the clan from any activity, or in some cases, getting the clan shutdown.
There will be no unprofessional behavior when a battle is in process, keep in mind this reflects on your clan how to act, don’t give it a bad reputation. Flights will follow all the rules and only happen with a valid reason.

RE: Clan Info Coming Soon - Rossi - 12-06-2016

Updated for basic information

Will get updated again, later this week