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Zekes teacher app - Ezekiel - 12-17-2016

Hours on the server: like 2? But to be fair it recently came up

Bans or Blacklist: 0

Why you should become a teacher: Just to Specify: I have spent over 2,000 hours on different CityRP servers, not just FearlessRP, but others, and i was teacher on FL also.
Through my hours and experience on CityRP its fair to say i know my way around roleplay,  I try to help anybody in chat that's asking a question about the server, gamemode or roleplay to the best of my ability. I always keep an eye on chat too see if anybody has asked a question. I personally think i would suit this role very nicely and comfortably due to my experience and knowledge of roleplay. I also am very active on the server so i can help people very often and on a regular basis. 

How would you help the team: By fulfilling my duties to the best of my ability and not failing to impress.


RE: Zekes teacher app - Darkside - 12-18-2016


I haven't seen you on before.

I suggest wait for the server to be finally up to post the application but Good Luck Big Grin

RE: Zekes teacher app - Falc - 12-19-2016


I know enough of you to know that you know the role well enough and would help the server a lot within it.

RE: Zekes teacher app - Perqe - 12-19-2016


Absolute lad, has great experience with the role and gamemode. I think he is more than suitable to take the role.

RE: Zekes teacher app - Velsar - 12-24-2016


RE: Zekes teacher app - Rossi - 12-24-2016


Would be a great fit for the team