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Contribution Application - Zambie
PLEASE NOTE: The template thread has NOT specified where I need to place this, so please move this to the specific place you desire. Thanks in advance.

Steam Name: My current Steam Name is: Zambie ^‿^ (Click the name. If you read the bio, you will be able to see my personality and what I do.)

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:82596154

Hours on server: None. This will change when my tower is fixed, but until then I'm currently doing everything (except gaming) on my Coursework Laptop.

Application for: (either coding or modeling) Coding / Simple web-development.

If modeling, what software do you use?:

Description of myself:
I'm William Farmery, a Fourteen Years of age Year 10 student currently studying Electronics and Computer Science. 

My enjoyment comes from gaming, and even though I can consider myself as a pretty decent developer, I can sure get stressed by it.

I'm recognised by this at school, and internally in the family home.
At home, we have made a Calisthenics Gym, and I was in-charge of all of the Promotional Videos and I attempted to make a website, which is where I get some of my skills of web-development.

I currently go to a school specialising in computer science, and science. So I'm being well looked after for my computer courses!

My setup is currently broken, and don't ask me why. I honestly don't know why, however I have my coursework laptop beside me where I can still do most things EG\ Photoshop, Dreamweaver and the other basics, this can include development.

Previous works:
Mainly, I am a back-end developer. I edit scripts for the better, either to optimise it or to change how it runs / how it acts.
For example, when working on my own server I had aWarn2.
I then changed this to work with my Administration Plugin that didn't support aWarn, period.
I also changed the echos of the plugin to act as if it were the echos of the First Class Administration Echos.
I'm afraid I have no evidence of this, however I would be glad to re-enact this for you on my laptop.

As for web-development, I started making a website for my family gym {Calisthenics Parks}. However I had to abandon the project due to the time limit being exceeded. Through that I've learnt how to do some some basic stuff, but nothing too fancy. I don't have anything to prove this, except a very early development post on my facebook account, posted here:
[Image: 1TprRmx.jpg][/spoiler]
I can make simple scripts, if needed. This, for example, would be to make a @ call system, as again, the Administration Plugin I used didn't have that. They had the command "!report", which for my members was again, incredibly annoying. Again, this is on my tower.

I have encountered @Adam James in my travels, and I believe I once worked along-side him in our adventures for our work. I believe this was on Melon burger, a server no-longer in function. I believe it would be a pleasure working along-side him once more.
Kind regards,
[Image: vvsPXMo.jpg]

UPDATED 21:04 Thu, 6th October 2016
Kind regards,
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Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
Moved to help and support staff section.
ex-Server Developer
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