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Player Report Template
Rules to write a Player Report

1. There should only be staff members and witnesses writing a comment in this section, if you're unrelated, you will receive a warning 

2. This is an English speaking server, there for please only post in English

3. Use the template, you're report will not be taken into mind until you use the template, it's there for a reason

4. Use evidence responsibly, using a misleading video or a one sided video will fall against you.

5. Double check on what they player did was breaking the rules, even thought you think he is, it just may be in the rules

6. Any reports on a staff member should never be conducted by an administrator, only the owner or super-admin

Understanding the Template

Thread Title: Report: <name>

Name of player: (Who you feel violated the rules?)

SteamID: (What is the SteamID of the person?)

Summary: (What happened?)

Evidence: (Try to get as much evidence as you can get)


[b]Name of player[/b]:




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