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Velsar (aka Forrest Gump) Teacher App
Hours on the server: 8hours +

Bans or Blacklist: 0 (my mama said being bad is wrong.)

Why you should become a teacher: After a fair amount of Gameplay on this server, I have realised this is the server for me. I want to help people understand the meaning of Roleplay and help them gain a better understand and experience how to Roleplay properly and effectively. 

Overall I think I deserve this position:
  • I am extremely active, I am online almost every day for several hours. This includes the servers and website so I am always available for those that need me. 
  • I consider myself a good Roleplayer, from time to time.
  • I am also a persistent person who usually doesn't give up at things unless I have to. This means i am usually a really fast learner.
  • I am able to teach others in an effective manner
  • My name's Forrest, I may be slow but im not stupid Smile
How would you help the team:

I will most of the time be on the servers watching over other players making sure they are doing proper Roleplay and not minging about (if so I would report it to an admin saving them time from coming out of there rp) I would also convince a fair amount of people into joining the server and playing on it as much as I do. I can teach newcomers on how to Roleplay and guide them through the steps of a successful role player.

[Image: hiii.gif]
Many Regards,

[Image: IjgR02I.png]
-support - Reasons.

I think that the staff team is fine for now.
Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
2rp at 11 hours
Many Regards,

[Image: IjgR02I.png]
(10-08-2016, 11:49 PM)GreekAssassin Wrote: -support.

I think that the staff team is fine for now.

Greek, may I remind you you are NOT apart of the staff team. Teachers are players of the community, who have applied to help others.

In addition to this, even if the Teacher Team was full, why -support him just because it was full? The application would be placed on hold UNTIL a spot was available. 

I personally find this reason invalid, and you need to edit it.
Kind regards,
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[Image: M0qXjaE.jpg]
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Chaning my -support to a +support.

Saw him being active on the server+helping people.Also he is a good Roleplayer.
Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
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Zambie i agree. Teachers are not apart of the staff team however the thread isnt about that.

+Support, Whenever when i see you you're playing this character that no one has ever tried to do anymore.
You're really creative and i like you as a person outside of the server.
British Moderator
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Posting on behalf of create


Create has screenshots until his accounts activated

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