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Un-Ban Request Template

This will be explaining what you should be looking out for and how to do it. If you're following the template, this should not be hard

Posting Rules

1.  Only post here if you're involved with the situation

2. You are allowed to post behalf of a player, please make sure you're following the guide to do so

3. If your ban is under 12 hours, do not post a UBR, it's a short enough ban. By the time staff has reviewed it, you'll most likely be unbanned

4. As this is an English speaking server, please post in English

5. Using one sided evidence or misleading will get you in trouble at the end.

Ban details

Using the upcoming ban page for FC, you would have to enter the page in order to understand what you ban ID may be. Do not post "I don't know" or "Why is this important?" We understand if you don't know what it is used for, but it does however help us in the long run.

[b]Your name:[/b] (Steam friends name)

[b]Your SteamID:[/b] (You can find this when you search for your ban)

[b]Your ban ID:[/b] (Number of the ban, this could be 2779 for example)

[b]Banned by:[/b] (Please use the staff member's full name with [FL]/[FL:M] tag)

[b]Reason:[/b] (Why were you banned, what is listed as the reason?)

[b]Involved:[/b] (Who was involved? Type a - when there were no other people involved except you and the staff member.)

[b]Why we should unban you:[/b] (A motivation why we should unban you, or why your ban should be shortened)

[Image: M0qXjaE.jpg]

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