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Admin Abuse Template
Before posting an admin abuse thread - Is it abuse?

For example, this is not abuse:
  • Banning you, even if you don't like the reason, make an unban request for this.
  • Applying god mode to themself, even in a raid this may be needed for admin duties.
  • Noclipping/teleporting away from RP in event of admin situation.
  • Not responding to your @ messages immediately.
    • Admins may be busy or unable to respond or already checking logs but just haven't informed you yet.
  • Removing your props. 
    • Sometimes this is necessary in order to keep you in line with the rules.  Even if they remove a base in the middle of the raid, while it is a somewhat harsh move and he should remove all aggressors first, it is your fault for creating a doombase.
  • Refunding with a valid reason, either himself or others.
  • Muting someone in OOC.
  • The list goes on, but these are common complaints, and you should use common sense when making an admin abuse thread.
  • For example, this is abuse:
    • Using admin powers to RDM, i.e. godmoding and firing RPGs at people.
    • Using noclip or teleport to help some friends in a raid.
    • Demotes someone solely in order to claim the job.
    • Using noclip or teleport to avoid RP situations (unless admin situation).
    • Bypassing arrest mechanism (unless admin situation).
    • Unfairly refunding himself free items for no reason.
    • Abuse of admin powers against people, i.e. random !slay, !ignite
    • Using godmode/heal during a raid solely to give himself a fighting advantages
    • Teleporting his friends into an active raid in order to help out
    • Using admin tools and constructs for an unfair agressive advantage unless previously agreed upon by all parties involved for an RP situation.
    • Breaking rules himself solely because he is an admin
    • Messing around, for example killing other admins or using punishment commands for the fun of it, etc.
  • Remember, use common sense, there should be less random unnecessary admin abuse threads, but we are still interested in hearing about any possible admin abuse, as we take these matters very seriously.  If you have concerns about an admins performance but it is not strictly abuse, please send a private message to either one of the Super Admins or the owner.How to make an Admin Abuse thread
    1. First of all remember to use the template (you can find it at the bottom), this is important for us to figure out all of the information we need, without having to read a block of text for hours to find those information.

    2. You are only allowed to write in an admin abuse thread when you are:
      • the accusing user
      • a witness or in any other important relation to the admin abuse thread, this includes players who have witnessed other situations in which the admin abused.
    3. The reason we don't want everybody to post in the admin abuse threads is because the threads will be a big mess.

    4. You are only ment to post in this section if there was an actual abuse of the admin, not if you want to get unbanned because there was a misunderstanding or anything similar.

    5. Admins are not allowed to close threads about themselves.

    6. Abuse threads will always be decided by the owner or the Super Adminis. All members of the staff are able to state their opinion on the abuse thread.

    7. We expect our admins to tell the truth, if we find out about any lies, faked evidence or other attempts of twisting the truth the admin will be demoted immediately.
  • The Template

    All admin abuse threads most follow this template.
    Name:Time/Date:Steam ID:Name of Administrator:Evidence:

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