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Darkside Teacher Application
Hours on the server: 12 Hours

Bans or Blacklist: 0 

Why you should become a teacher: I think I should be a teacher as I have a lot of experience with Roleplay in and out of Garry's Mod. and then I can give other people tips and tricks to be good role player. Also I know most (Not every single rule) rules and I can help people prevent breaking those rules and getting banned/blacklisted from the server.

How would you help the team: I could help the team by being very active in the server and forums to help them and others. Also I could give tips on the right way to help somebody that has a problem.
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Many Regards,

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I have seen you on the server. You are a very cool, calm and collected guy! I think you have everything a teacher should!

OT: +Support
British Moderator
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Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
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I havent seen you on the server, and your app is short, but you seem nice.

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 =-The number one rule about getting staff, is to not talk about getting staff-=
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Neutral only seen u once in the server.

Now changing it to +Support Great and friendly, Also funny Smile
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Update Hours to 10 Hours 45 Minutes
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Nuetral For Now

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