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Confused About My Ban
Your name: Apollo

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105179311

Your ban ID: Not to sure due to ban page

Banned by: [FL] Georgy

Reason: Honestly i am confused why, but the ban said, 'Stop being a asshole' Or something along them lines.

Involved: Not anyone accept Georgy and some other admins that where messing around

Why we should unban you: This ban was completely out of context, It started when i was RPing, like a normal Police Officer, I then come across A bunch of staff members Chief FAYD, Hunterr and Georgy, Both modeling themselves to werird and odd characters, FAYD Then uses the inflation tool and spawns a NPC and starts to make him blow up in a sense, This is wasnt worried about, as it was late and staff where chilling, I was then punched by Georgy so i attempted to arrested, hge ran away and i then tasered, i had my gun drawn (FearRP) But he ran away still, he was handcuffed and i set a valid warrant on him. He then unjailed himself and spawned to a other admin. I then said what are you doing, i took a picture with my camera, he then said, ' Go on report me ' I then said i wont, He then took me to a roof and said (This is only of the top of my head, as i cant screenshot his voice chat) 
Georgy - You want me to ban you?
Apollo - I said no, why would i be?
Georgy - Your already on my bad list dont fuck with me
Apollo - What?
Georgy - I dont care report me, i can overlook any admin abuse cases.
Apollo - What am i here for
Georgy - Oh your not speaking with .// I can ban you know 
Apollo - My bad
Georgy - We where In a OOC build you had no reason to come in there and also shoot that NPC
Apollo - But if its OOC why would it matter
Georgy - Myabe it was Passive RP, so yea, you have no reason
Apollo - If it was Passive RP, and you punch me IC i have a valid reason to arrest you.
Georgy - Dont be a smart ass
Apollo - I have to go, do what you must, i cant do anything as you are going to ban me anyway.
Georgy- Dont be a smart ass

I have NO Hate against any staff, but i think Georgy needs to stop being rude and start to be serious. 

Evidence Is BELLOW PLEASE READ THE CHAT The Order is a bit fucked, but i guess you can piece it together [Image: 4B494193DA73050C964C99EA6D90BF3D22DDE801][Image: 47F8BF437ACF2A7C1E37670DCA28425561B11F80][Image: AA907B26811CC612D7A78933DA9156E3E68D044B][Image: 8B1B862860D94B2009E45AE20FF319144166E1C3][Image: 2D36C88F8914495554DAFD0D5E3737A9CC8EF760][Image: 00BD981AD91EDDB26C54CB398FC74D5034677731][Image: 43C8BC96B1560A9A4488A658A06EA2E742565520]
[Image: 14C396CB1EA7152D37090912E797961A5D6468D5]

[Image: 54F4B5613453E259717D7991B2669A245B80187A]
[Image: 06A17E50A493D5353E55B2784F110869A3AC32E7]

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
About the sit[Image: EE7B9AA1F816F99DBF11DB548857644EF5962AC5]
[Image: 40A280016483D4C674B3279E12AC12A3A61E7EDF]
[Image: 4B494193DA73050C964C99EA6D90BF3D22DDE801]
[Image: 276D4ACA4252F0120237519596014FA6B8B9AAF7]

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
Maybe this is Unban/Admin abuse Thread

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
The "stop being an arsehole" part was in the gamemode, Georgy did not say it... I have changed it to read the rules after noticing. And the script about what you said is incorrect I was listening.
First, don't go ahead and switch my words up.
You do know lying on the courthouse is actually against the rules.
Second we were having a OOC moment with only Staff involved that we were having a small laugh, then you come as a cop In character and started shooting at the npc. I told you to stop and go away as you proceeded to ignore me and continued to shoot at the npc. Then me on no clip got over to you punched you and told you to stop once again. You took the situation From ooc to IC and arrested me. I then pulled you up and tried explaining to you the situation and you continued were being a smart ass with me. That's when i decided to ban you.
You never told me to stop shooting the NPC, so I am not the one lying, I am telling the truth. You also couldn't make your mind up wether it was Passive Or OCC act. I was never earned by you, just threatened to be banned.

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
The script was on the same lines as what I heard. There was swearing and abuse coming from his mouth and directed at me. Using his powers to threaten me isn't very good. If you heard it, why did you not act or respond to the actions that he was using against me? I fail to understand what my ban is ACTUALLY about. For shooting a NPC once? Without a warnings of to stop. Or arresting you after you punched me IC, so I responded IC

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
No. I warned you to stop shooting at the NPC as soon as you got there.
I started being a bad guy when you became a smart ass.
I already explained what you did on the ban.
You made a mistake by ignoring me and by being a smart ass when i pulled you up.
Georgy, stop lying now. You never came up to me, or typed or said in chat, 'stop shooting a NPC' and if you think about it, what's wrong with that? You tell me it's a ooc fun time, yet you threatened to ban me for FailRP, the NPC wasn't going to die, it was invincible. This did not affect your 'Fun' session at all, you where just finding a excuse to ban me, making up and changing rules as you went on. I I can see there is no rule against shooting a NPC in a OOC Build.

To follow on from that, you punched me IC, your tone of voice and the way you ran from me suggested that you where fully IC, as you would of done so etching sooner, when you teleported out of jail you didn't say a word to me, not saying I have done anything wrong, with my camera I then took a photo of your out of jail and then you said 'go on then report me' I said I wasn't going to. Once Hunter untied you,causing admin commands, you then took me to a roof, shouting and swearing for no reason, you threatened to ban me multiple times with a unprofessional matter.

At the end of the day, you produced a UNFAIR ban, which was completely out of hand along side with the way you handled it, and the actions you produced, you need to stop this for once.

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
Under review.

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