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Confused About My Ban
Is not insult. im just saying own up to your actions.
And may this be the last post.
Lets wait till the decision.
So, might I ask how what you guys where doing was a passive RP?
It was an OOC event.
His ban reason was:
failrp. Ruining passive rp. metagaming.
I'd like to know how someone can ruin a passive rp when the "RP" isn't even IC; rather an OOC situation. Which, by the way, is against administrative rules.
Also, since the event was OOC and you punched him, that should to handled IC-wise and a player report/admin abuse should be filed due to the fact you had no reason to punch him.
Georgy, state a good reason to why all of this happened or I will approve this UBR and push for a punishment to you due to these unprofessional actions committed.
Quote:For example, this is abuse:
Using admin powers to RDM, i.e. godmoding and firing RPGs at people.
Using noclip or teleport to help some friends in a raid.
Demotes someone solely in order to claim the job.
Using noclip or teleport to avoid RP situations (unless admin situation).
Bypassing arrest mechanism (unless admin situation).
Unfairly refunding himself free items for no reason.
Abuse of admin powers against people, i.e. random !slay, !ignite
Using godmode/heal during a raid solely to give himself a fighting advantages
Teleporting his friends into an active raid in order to help out
Using admin tools and constructs for an unfair agressive advantage unless previously agreed upon by all parties involved for an RP situation.
Breaking rules himself solely because he is an admin
Messing around, for example killing other admins or using punishment commands for the fun of it, etc.
ex-Server Developer
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Would also like to add tihs; how would you find this an IC event?
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[Image: 14C396CB1EA7152D37090912E797961A5D6468D5]
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ex-Server Developer
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i thought rossi already dealt with this?
It's Approved

Apollo was unbanned lastnight

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Thread Locked.
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