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Un-Blacklist Request Template
Rules for making an Unblacklist Request

We have made some rules for unblacklist requests, please read them first.
  1. First of all remember to use the template, if you are not using the template, your unblacklist request will get denied.

  2. You are only allowed to write in an unblacklist request thread when you are:
    a) the blacklisted person
    b) a witness or in any other crucial relation to the unblacklist request

    Any other replies like "Use the template." or "Omg that guy should be blacklisted." are backseat moderation and will result in a forum warning.
    The reason we don't want everybody to post in the unban threads is because the threads will be a big mess.

  3. Keep your request objective and prevent strong language.

  4. Do not write an unblacklist request if you know you broke the rules.

  5. You may post (after a decent amount of time) an appeal trying to convince us about your gathered RP skills and apology. But keep in mind, most heavy blacklists were given out with good reason and thus are highly unlikely to get revoked.

  6. If no staff member replies on your unblacklist request within 7 days (this is exactly from the time of the last post of staff), your request will always be in your advantage and your blacklist will be removed from your record. Once that is done, the burden will fall upon you to reply within 7 days your request will be denied.

  7. Fabricating or tampering with evidence with intent to mislead, and providing false statements is under zero tolerance - committing such violations will lead to a lengthy forum ban.
The Template

Your name: (Your Steam name)

Your blacklist ID: (Blacklist ID as found on the blacklists page, example 2779)

Steam ID:

Reason: (Why were you blacklisted, as stated on the blacklists page)

Staff member who blacklisted you:

Reason why you should be unblacklisted:

Copy This
[b]Your name:[/b]

[b]Your blacklist ID:[/b] 

[b]Steam ID:[/b]


[b]Staff member who blacklisted you:[/b]

[b]Reason why you should be unblacklisted:[/b]

What to do when your request was denied

If your request has been denied, there are not many options left. In most cases you would have to accept your punishment and play the blacklist out. It would be a good idea to read the rules again, to get more familiar with them, or you could read the role-play guides.

You are allowed to post a second unblacklist request, as another attempt to convince us of your innocence. However this can only be done after a certain amount of time:

Blacklist time under 10 hours - A second unblacklist request is not allowed.
Blacklist time over 10 hours - You are allowed to post a second unblacklist request 1 week after the denial.
Blacklist time over 25 hours - You are allowed to post a second unblacklist request 2 weeks after the denial.
Blacklist time over 100 hours - You are allowed to post a second unblacklist request 1 month after the denial.
Blacklist time over 1000 hours - You are allowed to post a second unblacklist request 3 months after the denial.

A third unblacklist request will not be taken in consideration, no matter how long your blacklist is.

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