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Halloween Competition
[Image: halloween-02.jpg]

Halloween Is Near!

So Let's have some fun!

Do you want you're own haunted house? Do you want to build a creepy graveyard? Do you want to win 50k? I have decided to create an Event for everybody to join in. You need to build something that represents Halloween. It could be a haunted house, Could be a Graveyard. Make anything you want.


Deadline is the 22nd 
Judging is on the 23rd (11Pm Uk Time)


It can't be more than 65 Props.
No Teaming up with anybody, It's you're own build.
You must Register to be apart of this competition.
Must be on FC Server

The winner will win 50k price money!


If you would like to join, Please use this Application Form and post it below so I can enter you!

Quote:Steam Name:
In Game Name:
Hours On FC:
Any Extra Info:

Good Luck
FirstClass Teacher
[Image: 19ae0142bb6ffa7096da0c5a398ab914.gif]
Steam Name:[FC:RP] GreekAssassin222
In Game Name:Steve "Assassin" McGarrett
Hours On FC:75
Any Extra Info:None.
Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
Steam Name: Will
In Game Name: Sir William Arthur Thomas
Hours On FC: 4
Any Extra Info: None.
[Image: Community_Member.png]
Steam Name: Velsar
In Game Name: (The one and only) Forrest Gump
Hour on FC: somwhere over 20 hours lol
Any Extra Info: Do we post our image on the forums or do you come and view them.
Many Regards,

[Image: IjgR02I.png]
Added all names to a system.

Velsar: You can do both, If you can't make it, Post pictures but If you can make it, Come on and show me it. I would prefer if you come and let me see it Big Grin
[Image: 19ae0142bb6ffa7096da0c5a398ab914.gif]
Steam Name: DJ_Badboy_69
In Game Name: Jack Reacher
Hours On FC: 28hours (from the 20/10/2016)
Any Extra Info: Kim Joug-Un
[Image: xT1XH20G3oezQ9Jiq4.gif]

You can:

Take Photos
Show us at 11pm (Uk Time) On Sunday


FirstClass Teacher
[Image: 19ae0142bb6ffa7096da0c5a398ab914.gif]
Updated Guidelines
[Image: 19ae0142bb6ffa7096da0c5a398ab914.gif]
Deadlines today! Hurry up and join!
[Image: 19ae0142bb6ffa7096da0c5a398ab914.gif]
(10-22-2016, 09:52 PM)Darkside Wrote: Deadlines today! Hurry up and join!

So sorry m8 I couldn't do any building because I wasn't at my computer this weekend. Totally my fault and I should've planned ahead.
Best Regards,
[Image: f2ccf138691d33b0c9efbdb88c815ee8.gif]


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