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In game food
Title of Suggestion: Chinese Food

Description:Adding a Chinese food to the game having it fill 60% of your hunger which can be sold at $1500 per shipment.

Why:There is alot of food which only fills a low amount of your hunger bar. The max percentage filled is 40% which is produced by the Apple ciders and also the Christmas dinners which in my opinion should be removed as its not in season anymore and should be added during Christmas time. 

So by adding chinese food you wont have to worry every 5 minutes on buying food and can actually get stuff done eg: Building, Roleplaying and what ever you want to do. The chinese food should fill up 60% of your hunger which means you can last a bit longer.

Also it doesn't make much sense putting Apple Cider higher than for instance Burgers as Apple Ciders do not really fill a persons hunger up much compared to a burger which does for the average joe.

I hope you take my suggestion under consideration
Many Regards,

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+Support makes sense to include this.
Best Regards,
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+support you.
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Kind Regards,

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The server needs to add all sorts of food.

However, +Support
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