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Going to be inactive for a little bit +Important Message
    Hey everybody im going to be inactive for a little bit, I will be trying to recover from codeine addiction. I will still be on the forums and such but wont be ingame as much. I realized codeine has become a problem after a recent seizure I had. I am doing better but its hard to quit an addiction so I think I need to change my lifestyle a little bit.

    Now this is warning to all yall. Never make/intake promethazine-codeine syrup, or also called lean. At first I was alright but after a while it takes effect on you. So getting to the point I will be less inactive in a few weeks. Maybe next week if this works out well. Music is helping me with overcoming this.

Im not keeping this lowkey in anyway so if anybody asks you can just show them this thread.
omg, good luck boy, remember that im allways hare for you, luv you <3 [take a rest]
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If it is going to take any longer then expected I will move this to discussions
Oh my, get better mate. We'll talk more if you need to

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Oh my god, hope you get better soon mate!
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Oh my god, i believe that you can do it!Good Luck Fayd!
Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
get well buddy Sad
just hmu if you need anything!
Get well soon!
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FAYD, get well soon!

You're a great guy!
British Moderator
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Good luck bro.

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