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I don't know what to say about this?
Don't know what to say really. But I have this nice picture of a chat with one of your teachers. This jem I found while looking in my junk folders. Now he wanted me to break some rules so he could make a PR showing the admins that he knows the rules so he could get teacher rank.

Is this the kind of people that you let represent your server as a teacher? I saw recently that he was suspended as well but this shows he just wants the power and does not care much for the server. But hey from the looks of this next image things are looking better right?

I had no idea that he was an admin on CityRP before, he clearly states that he was. I wonder if that was on FL or LL because he certainly has not been an admin on here before. Forget what I said about him being a bad rep for the community this guy is a fucking admin on CityRP holy shit!

All jokes aside why the fuck is he a teacher?

Also he makes sick profile pics Wink

[Image: nf0c94.png]
[Image: qyzpkx.png]
Being investigated
This is actually really unacceptable. I will speak to Greek personally about this along with a internal investigation will take place.

Administrator & Developer
ex-Server Developer
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