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Banned people in todays birthdays

Title of Bug: People in "Today's Birthdays" box are showing up with strikethroughs on their name.

Description: It basically looks like they've been banned.

[Image: 49d2d5073ebb81a0fd5366c138686107.png]

Velsar is obviously not banned and should be shown up with an orange name since he is teacher.
Best Regards,
[Image: f2ccf138691d33b0c9efbdb88c815ee8.gif]

Cheers for mentioning me but +Support
Many Regards,

[Image: IjgR02I.png]
(10-28-2016, 06:27 AM)Velsar Wrote: Cheers for mentioning me but +Support

No need for +suppot, haha

But yes, we'll have a look

[Image: M0qXjaE.jpg]
The reason for this is because he was banned, due to a stolen account being used to ban myself and many other staff members.
This includes yourself, and Velsar. Velsar was banned and because of this the forum hasn't updated.
Kind regards,
[Image: vvsPXMo.jpg]


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