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Developer on the way

I'm excited to announce that we have another developer on the way, he has a high knowledge in lua and can make a lot of cool features for us.

Starting off to say, once he starts to develop, expect updates coming out left and right.

Also to add in, we're returning to Evocity as it's one of the most common role playing maps out there, rockford may be added on another server if we get there.

Any sort of bugs will be worked out, and fixed

New website theme, donation and new forums tabs, along with a display forum you'll see right before connecting, able to see what's adverted there, then click forums on the top to return here

First expected updates

1. New set of cars, of all types
2. Going back to madcow weapons, with content added, meaning no errors
3. FastDL hook up - No errors
4. Drag command - Able to drag small props, no more pulling out phys gun in a roleplay situation 
5. Tow truck - Able to lower the bed, latch the car and pull it on, lift the bed back up and drive
[Image: OjvYAty.jpg]

We hope this updates will make the game more fun to play on

I also have a great idea invloving a friend that is willing to help advert the server. He has friends who own large, dead role playing groups that may help us greatly with players

Those are just a little we have in mind, we'll keep you updated on any new news

[Image: M0qXjaE.jpg]
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Good to hear!
Good to hear! But still no answer why I was de ranked Sad Only Adam done it.
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yay good to hear we are going on the right way!
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(11-16-2016, 12:04 AM)Darkside Wrote: Good to hear! But still no answer why I was de ranked Sad Only Adam done it.

Speak to him in private not on here.

Isnt the right place for it PM Rossi or speak through steam.
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