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Server Rest

I'm here to inform you that the server may be taking a small break right now for a couple of reasons. The new developers were said to be hired, professionals, which they are but they have not received their money yet which we can not provide right now. 

Not very many of you know, but I lost my job recently and have no income to the server. If I don't get one within 12/23/2016, the server will be suspended from the server provider. That being said, there is a lot more on my mind then this server right now, but we are not giving up on it. 

The staff knows about this stuff, not the public. But the server has a very important update on it's way that will be promised for FC, it will improve the server by a ton, and allow players to do tons more while playing.

As in right now, I, myself am learning Lua and HTML at the same time to allow me to create for the server, and the website, I lack the experience as a server owner and rely heavily on others that can develop to help the server. I am not proud of that fact, but it's what it came to. This is all going to change when money begins to come the servers way, developers being paid and my experience begins to raise.

Like I said, the server is for sure not going to die out like this, not after all the stuff we've been through, DMCA and all.

Just because the server is paused, the forums can still live on!

I suspect this server break will last about 2-3 weeks, no more.

[Image: M0qXjaE.jpg]
we will back stronger than ever.
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