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Back with the suggestions.
Title of Suggestion: More RPP rewards.

Description: Well there is only two rewards are they are both for aggressive RP. I think it would be nice if passive RP clothes or items were put into the game to rewards both players and balance the rewards out for all types of players.

I think maybe at 15 RPP and 5 RPP there should be Suits available and the 15th RPP Suit could potentially have a pair of glasses or a nice luxury hat to make them stand out. Also i think if more models were added for 25 RPP and 30 RPP would be nice because 2 or 4 isnt really great once everyone gets them they will be the only thing wore. 

Why: To add variation and a little more respect to all types of players. This isnt me saying you are calling them names however, just not rewarding them fairly because its only aggressive RP'ers getting rewarded due to the Gas mask and SRU heavy suit not really being for passive RP'ers.

Quick side note: If you look at this you will notice you can design suits but also if looked at closely you can see there is many different suits. For example you can just have a shirt or tie instead of everyone wearing a suit.

You never know maybe one day it could be too hot to wear a suit jacket.
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This is already going to be improved with a new system we have talked about.


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