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Forums Roll Back

The forums were encountering a massive amount of SQL errors that were there for unknown reasons

In order to get everything back down to a manageable amount of errors, ones that could be fixed very simply, we had to take a backup from December 31st

We have time traveled back into the year of 2016 to make sure the forums would stay stable

Note*  Any post, profile edits, changes or anything that was changed after the 31st, it will need to be re-instated

[Image: M0qXjaE.jpg]
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You need to find the problem in-case it happens again, we cant depend on past saves of the forums.

Some important posts could be removed.
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We found that going back to the backup we had got a rid of most if not ALL of the SQL errors we had. It turns out, MyAlerts was clashing with MyProfile because they're not compatible with each other, hence why the SQL errors came up.
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Well let's hope it's fixed now for good.

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