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Government Models
Title of Suggestion: Government Models 

Description: I think the models of most of the current Emergency vehicle's should be changed and added for the server to stand out and look fresh. These models look new and sharp. Also i think the police officer models could be changed.

Why: To make the server look fresh. And for the police role play it adds more depth in what you can do. Some of the cars are made for response or maybe even patrol and these will allow the government to operate different jobs creating a more realistic government. Also, this could relate to exclusive rewards for a certain roleplay, for example a player likes the the paramedic job or fireman job he would obviously get some RPP if regularly plays that job and also rack up hours and when he hits a certain requirement this could allow them to have a Chevrolet jeep.(forget the name) However my point is they would of been rewarded for their roleplay making them them have more options to RP. If they had this Jeep they could set their job to Supervising Paramedic or whatever job fits their need. This would just help them have more fun and a bigger extent of roleplay options. Also the prices would differ on the police cars because say if one car is a response vehicle this would be faster than the other therefore should be more money because it benefits the player more.

If you have any other car models or police player models feel free to share them on this thread!!
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Police skins: -Support We already have a skin for the cars

President's Limo: +Support

FT:RP First Responders: +Support

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(08-29-2016, 02:09 PM)Rossi Wrote: Police skins:  -Support      We already have a skin for the cars

It wasnt the skins i was aiming at. It was more or less the vehicles with in the pack. If you look at the screenshots it shows a variety of vehicles. A crown vic for patrol. Ford interceptor. Then you have your response vehicle which is already in the game. And then i think a SUV police car would be nice like a Chevrolet or Ford again.
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