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Hello All!
Hello guys.

I must say when i first heard about this server i thought, for god sake! Not another Lawful community! But now i have taken interest. And i am happy to be apart of it! I am very excited for the release and cant wait to do some passive RP

Yours - 

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
Hahaha, thanks for giving us a chance!

Welcome to FC :p

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Be sure apollo, when the server is gonna get realised we are gonna be th people who gonna get the fist rpps cuz we gonna rp together.

Welcome to FC!!!
Kind Regards,

-Removed, no longer a teacher-
Well, i do go by the name of ''The best Passive RP'er''
Smile Cya soon bud

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
Welcome to First Class Roleplay!

Also, you stated another Lawful. Lawful was made out to be some mass murder when it wasn't it was someone trying something new and for the way Fearless treated that whole community is a disgrace. I'm just saying a good friend of mine put his time into that and got treated like an animal.

Simply not on in my books.

All i'm saying is don't believe everything you hear do your research!

Other than that when the server opens i'll try to get to know you more.
British Moderator
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Understood, But i was apart of that community. There are my reasons why it didn't get popular. But lets keep them to ourselves xD

                                          [Image: 6mVjBPe.png]
Hello mate walcome to first class buddy.
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