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[Unofficial] Green Street Elite
[Image: 4198349941983499.jpg]

"You don't run, not when you're with us, You stand your ground and fight."

[Image: 12f73ad226f5283af70c7d76e59a6bcb.png]
The GSE (Green Street Elite) was first founded in the early days of football in Britain, as a firm for the football team 'West Ham United', The firm lasted for many years, as the best firm in Britain, the football team was mediocre, but the firm was top notch. Nobody could beat the firm, all other football firms attempted to fight the firm, but everytime, outnumbered or not, at a disadvantage or not, the GSE stood their ground and fought, and as a result, they were the best, they never lost. In a large turn of events, the police in Britain cracked down on the Firms constant fighting and started handing out prison sentences and arrest-warranting those people known to be in a Football Firm. As a result of this, the leaders of the GSE had to flee to a disclosed location, a place where the police in England would not be able to find them, a place where they could be incognito from their past, and start a fresh; new firm. The Leaders of the GSE decided to take a flight to EvoCity, it took a total of 14 hours to fly there from Britain, but the GSE lads knew it was a good move. Upon arriving at the airport, they took a cabbie to the City, to check out what it was like, besides what they saw in the brochure photos. The GSE lads realised all of the police in EvoCity all had guns, some even assault rifles, and much to their amazement, upon asking a group police officers, they all responded it was a necessity due to the massively-high crime rate in EvoCity. Instantaneously, the lads realised that in EvoCity, there would be no more fist-fighting, no more firm. They knew they would rise to the top again; However this time, as real, heavy-duty Criminals. From there, the GSE was reformed, as a professional criminal organisation, and the GSE, were once again, rising to the top.

[Image: 2739c8445d304c55f92d8ca6a86ca0d6.png]
The Major
JackZ (Jack Beckham)
Top Geezer


[Image: aa7a83bcd46ecf6efbe25db850d089a5.png]
The Major - This rank is unobtainable by anyone, The Major is the man who founded the GSE, and will forever be remembered as the legend Major of the GSE.

Top Geezer - This rank is for those who have been fighting in the GSE for a considerable amount of time, it will consist of only a few people, that the Major trusts with his life.

Geezer - The ground-base role of the GSE, this is the rank most members will be, and will stay at for their duration of being a member of the GSE. These are the people that makes the GSE so strong, the people that make the GSE the best criminal organisation in EvoCity.

[Image: b176c23da61f78d42f91249ef02615b0.png]
If you don't use the application template listed below to apply to join the GSE, you will not be accepted.
If your application is accepted, the GSE will respond to your application and get in touch with you.
If you are denied, a GSE will respond to your application but will not contact you.


[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Nickname(s) (Optional: If any)[/b]
[b]Character Personality:[/b]


[b]Steam Name:[/b]
[b]Number of Bans:[/b]
[b]Number of Blacklists:[/b]
[b]Hour Count:[/b]
[b]Why are you interested in joining:[/b]
[b]What can you offer the GSE?[/b]

"We are the hammers, and we don't run."

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